October 1, 2021
New tricks premium
September was a month of new experiences for me on so many levels. I headed out to Sardinia to join the race crew onboard Kallima, a Swan 80, and to take part in my first Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup.  The fleet racing was impressive; from the beautiful J’s of Valsheda and Topaz to the almost…
August 29, 2021
Best laid plans premium
At the start of the month, I was invited to speak onboard ‘Golden Horizon’; an impressive vessel and the world’s largest square rigged sailing ship. She is a steel hulled five masted barque rigged tall ship that is used for cruising throughout the world. I would have to say that she is as spectacular onboard…
July 31, 2021
Olympic inspiration premium
What a start to summer July has been! The last month has been full of action, either engaging in it myself or watching it live. Of late, I have been watching the daily action unfold in Tokyo at the Olympics and have been losing hours to the riveting footage. The opener for July was the…
July 5, 2021
New faces and new races premium
At the beginning of June, I was given the opportunity to race in the Women’s Open Keelboat Championships on a Cape 31. As a new team sailing a new boat in a competitive regatta, it was going to be tough to deliver results. However, with the support of Dave Swete and the backing of one…
May 26, 2021
We meet again premium
This merry month of May has not been quite so merry. Yes, we can celebrate restrictions lifting in the UK and being able to meet loved ones once again, however, the weather has been super harsh. I am not sure I remember the last time we had hail storms in the month of May. I…
April 30, 2021
Back on the water premium
We sighed with relief when the sun started to shine and embraced restrictions being lifted to help us feel closer to the pre covid life we all remember. For me, my happiness levels were further topped up by being able to get back out on the water. We have been blessed with a dry April,…
April 1, 2021
Greener sailing premium
As we move into April and our national lockdown starts to ease, many of you will be looking forward to getting back out on or in the water. The global pandemic restrictions have seen a huge reduction in both commercial and leisure craft activity and this has no doubt been good news for marine life…
March 5, 2021
Virtual good news premium
We have had a wave of news in the last few weeks. Some good, some bad and some leaving me feeling indifferent. A roadmap to lifting restrictions has been announced and, whilst there are no promises being made around the dates provided in various areas, it has given us hope for change and improvement as…
January 31, 2021
Winter winners premium
With a new year came new restrictions. The COVID world continues to affect us all but each country has a slightly different take on it. The UK was buoyed by the news of a vaccine and, although the roll out has been on full throttle, the death rate continues to rise, making us one of…
December 24, 2020
Merry Christmas one and all premium
I think we will all agree that 2020 has been a year with a difference and one we will all probably be willing to see the back of. We live in hope that the New Year will be happier, healthier and safer for everyone.  The last year has been an emotional rollercoaster for so many…