The end of the calendar year provides us with an opportunity to review the past twelve months and look ahead to the next twelve. I know I have been very fortunate.

I have really enjoyed 2023; and 2024 has the potential to be even better. The one thing that has hit home for me this year is learning to sail again. That may sound strange as I have sailed MOD 70’s before, but being part of The Famous Project Team means each sail has a specific focus. Learning each time we go sailing has been super rewarding. I have loved meeting new team mates and acquiring skills from experienced coaches willing to share their knowledge as we continue our journey towards our ultimate objective – the Jules Verne Trophy.

2024 will bring more learning opportunities as we step onto the big boat, IDEC Sport. We will sit outside our comfort zone until that becomes comfortable, and then we will push again to constantly improve and that is what makes it so exciting for me.

As a result of this commitment, on a personal level, I have focussed on being physically and mentally fit to handle this project. The work involved is both enjoyable and hard in equal measure! Dragging myself out of bed and off to the gym is sometimes the last thing I feel like doing but, to be my best for this team, I have to push – even on the days my body has other ideas.

So, I would like to end the year saying thank you to those that help make this happen and the loved ones that support me. I couldn’t do it without you. Wishing everyone health and happiness for 2024.

Dee Caffari

British yachtswoman Dee Caffari is the first woman to have sailed single-handed and non-stop around the world in both directions and the only woman to have sailed non-stop around the world three times. In 2006 Dee became the first woman to sail solo, non-stop, around the world against the prevailing winds and currents and was awarded an MBE in recognition of her achievement.

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